Feature: Track Attendance

One of the most requested features that we receive from small group pastors and small group leaders is the ability to track attendance at small group sessions. Today, we're happy to announce this new feature.

Tracking Attendance

Taking attendance of your small group sessions is an important of part of tracking the performance of your small groups. You need to be able to identify the small groups that are performing well as well as the one that are not performing well so that you can properly allocate your limited resources for future semesters.

Today, I am happy to announce a new feature allowing small group pastors and small groups leaders to track attendance at small group sessions quickly and easily. It takes no more than 1 minutes for a group leader to quickly enter who is present and who is not.

Using Attendance Tracking

When you are viewing a group in the Church Groups HQ dashboard click on the gears and then select "Take Attendance".

Take Attendance Screenshot

This will take you to a screen that will allow you to quickly and easily set the date of the session, which defaults to today's date, check off those in attendance, and add some quick notes about the session.

Take Attendance Screenshot

When you click "Save", the attendance will be saved and you will be returned to the group view. It's pretty simple.

In Closing

I hope that you find this new feature to be useful for you and your small groups. If we can make this feature better or if you have any ideas about other features that you might like to see please don't hesitate to reach out and contact us. We'd love to hear from you. Thanks for using ChurchGroupsHQ!

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